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Mod application - noobanot - 06-02-2017

Steam username: AO|[FP]noobanot

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:63111386

Playtime/Rank: Its a bit complicated.Old server| Asuran(mod) 3 days 23 Hours. Current server|1H Tau'ri (I would understand if you don't accept me because of this but I assure you this time is going to go up very rapidly as I have not much else to do)

Reason for application: I have decided to return to space-build and previously being a mod on the old server was enjoyable as  you got to help new players and keep the server free of griefers. I believe that these things can be done again and I would love to help the server grow and stay clean.

Why you should accept me: I am experienced as a mod on this server and I believe that this server needs more of the old staff and members to be back so that the server can grow. Apart from that I only ask for the rank of moderator, I don't need or want many fancy privileges. Thats all.

Thank you