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Just some suggestions - ThatGamingWolf - 04-28-2017

Rule suggestions:
No prop blocking of any kind.
No laggy ships (I would explain how it be decided later)
No messing with players props or their construction if they are in the safe zones
No AFKing longer than 15 minutes
All public stargates must remain accessible (Does not include dialing)
Do not destroy atmospheres of planets
No insulting players
A player may not use more than 1 build bay at a time.

----Some important rules----
Use your brain before doing something, A rule cannot be made against every possible bad thing. If it's dumb don't do it
Moderators, Admins etc may enforce rules that are not listed here and create rules as they go as long as they are justifiable and the actions were of bad intent

Suggested stuffs :3
A system that upon spawn will god you until you leave spawn, Zarkol or build bays (So that plays are safe while building)
A chat box for the Acrash screen
A vote system to decided if a ship is laggy. Works like this. if player count = 2, 50% is needed for win. if there is >=5 players it needs atleast 3 players to win
A system to make disconnected players props unusable since it is currently possible to dupe a disconnected players things
Cookies for everyone ^^

All of these are just suggestions that i think would be good :3